Mini Frog Legs with Fine Herbs and Garlic Butter
Mini Frog Legs with Fine Herbs and Garlic Butter


Lobster Thermidor on Rice Pilaf and Armorique Sauce
Lobster Thermidor on a bed of Rice Pilaf with Armorique Sauce, Glazed

Fresh Salmon Filet En Croûte

Whole Fresh Filet of Salmon baked in a Puff-Dough Crust and Stuffed with Scallop-Mousse and Baby Shrimp. Served on the side with fresh Dill Butter Sauce. Chef will carefully carve this masterpiece just before pick-up. Market price: approximately $95.50

Fresh Florida Snapper or Grouper Filet with Fine Champagne Sauce

Braised with Shallots, White Wine Sauce, White Mushrooms, and Fresh Tomato Concassée. Served with a Heavy Cream Sauce and reduced with Fine Champagne Cognac Sauce. $85.00

Lobster à la Thermidor on Rice Gratinée

Five 1 ¼ lbs Live Lobsters.  (Larger Lobsters also available) Served in a Half-Lobster Shell with a Cream Dijon Mustard Tarragon Sauce over a bed of Rice Pilaf, then Glazed in a hot broiler oven with Mixed Cheeses. Serves 10 guests. (Market Price)

Lobster à la Newburg with Brandy & Tarragon Sauce

Five Lobster tails (your choice of size) prepared for 10 servings. Lobster served with Garlic, Tomato, Cognac, and a White Wine Cream Sauce. (Market Price)

Rock Lobster Tails (Tronçons) Bouillabaisse

Lobster Tail Steak (Tronçon) with Sea Scallop, Snapper Filet, Fresh Mussels, Clams, Shrimp with Braised Fennel, Leeks, Garlic, and Spanish Saffron. Served in Cognac and Pernod (Anise Liquor) Cream Sauce, with Garlic Sauce (La Rouille) served on the side. (Market Price)

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