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  1. Good Morning,

    I had sent an email a few days again but it may have ended up in a spam folder so I thought I would try your website, plus my phone number was incorrectly typed on my original email. It should be 8605937150.

    Chef Michel,

    Good Morning

    We have recently relocated to Gainesville and I wanted to purchase a few in home cooking classes for my wife.

    Is there a particular form to complete? I found a form on the web but I was not certain it was accurate.

    Thank You

    Christopher Gingras


    1. I was wondering If I could be more help ,by giving you another class, The summer months in Gainesville are very slow , and I missed sharing
      my experiences with wonderful students. feel free to call again @ 225 385 0682
      Chef Maloiseau

  2. Dear Chef Maloiseau,

    I am very interested in purchasing home cooking classes for my son. Please let me know if this is still a service that you provide.

    Thank you,

    Danita Nias

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