When I Grill a Steak

Q&A with Chef Maloiseau

Q: “When I grill a steak how do I know when it is really done the way I like it?”
Jeff Clark – Hilliard, OH

A: The most accurate way to cook a steak (unless you do it on a regular basis) is to use a digital or remote thermometer ($12-$22) planting the tip in the center of the steak.
According to the American Meat Federation here is the official chart for internal temperatures and corresponding doneness:
110°F – Black & Blue – Seared black on outside, ice cold raw center, slippery soft in texture
120°F – Rare – Red cool to warm center and will be soft and spongy
126°F – Medium rare – Red warm center and will have a springy firmness
140°F – Medium – Hot pink center a less springy firmness than medium rare
150°F – Medium well – Slight color cooked throughout and will feel firm

I hope this helps you, Jeff.

Thank you for your question!

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